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numskull n : these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence [syn: dunce, dunderhead, blockhead, bonehead, lunkhead, hammerhead, knucklehead, loggerhead, muttonhead, shithead, fuckhead]

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From numb + skull.


  1. dunce, a mentally dull or stupid person.
  2. A label for a person who refuses to learn or grow, mentally.
    That numskull will never learn how to compose a letter.
  3. A traditional name for a fool who serves as the butt of jokes about stupidity.

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Numskull is often capitalized as the name of the traditional fictional butt of jokes.


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Numskull (born Garrick Demond Husbands), is 1/2 half of the Oakland duo The Luniz. At 18 years old he got his first big break in the industry, by appearing on Dru Down's Fools From the Streets LP. A video was shot for the anthem "Ice Cream Man", and the result was a major deal with Sony for Dru Down and a major deal with Virgin for the Luniz.
In 1995, The Luniz released their first album "Operation Stackola". It would go on to be certified platinum internationally thanks to the anthem "I Got 5 On It", which received multinational platinum awards in addition to the album it stemmed from. This launched The Luniz into superstardom and appearances on Oprah and Quincy Jones's Grammy-winning album "Q's Jook Joint" followed.
"Lunitik Muzik" followed in 1997 to great critical acclaim, peaking at number 34 on the Billboard 200. It sold roughly 500,000 copies and boasted appearances from Redman, Too Short, and E-40, among others. The most recent Luniz album to hit stores in 2002, titled "Silver & Black" which included C-Bo, Fat Joe and Devin the Dude. Due to record industry politics, and bootlegging, the album achieved modest success, reaching number 53 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Chart.
Numskull has sold over 3.5 million records and has released 1 album to date outside of the Luniz, a collaboration album with Clee of Digital Underground. He has also appeared at a few Digital Underground shows the past few years.

Current state of the Luniz

Numskull and Yukmouth are somewhat beefing. Their relationship is "whatever is whatever," and Num himself said if they come together to do something, it'll be for the money. Num also says him and Yuk are "not getting along right now."
In a recent interview for Yukmouth revealed a lot of new details about the Numskull beef and how The Luniz were formed. Among other things, he stated that: the group was an idea he came up with while in prison, that he came up with the logo and the names Luniz, Yukmouth and Numskull. He also stated that before The Luniz, Numskull was rapping under the name 'The Skinny One' but was prompted by Yukmouth to change his stage name.

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